How to Registration

Please enter your participation information in the input form.

1 team needs 2 or moe members.
The items you can participate in vary depending on the grade level.

  • Elementary school (Line Following、a-MAZE-ing、Jousting、Sumobot)
  • Middle school (Line Following、a-MAZE-ing、Jousting、Sumobot、Robotvate、FireFighting)
  • High school(Line Following、Sumobot、Robotvate、FireFighting)

If there is a defect in the input items, the secretariat will contact you.

Click on the submit button.

If the message "The message has been successfully sent" is displayed, it is complete.
A reply email will be sent to the coach's email address, so please check the content.
If you do not receive the email, there are the following possibilities.

  • It is set to block mail from "".
  • "Coach's email address" entered in participation information is incorrect

If you make a mistake, please contact the following.

RoboRAVE Japan international Robot Meeting promotion committee

Please prepare your entry fee.

The participation fee is ¥ 2000 per person (including two meals for lunch, insurance and participation for the exchange party).
The participation fee will be paid at the time of check in.